Q- How do I become a member of SSA: UHSNET?

A – We invite all individuals and organizations that have an interest in land, housing and human settlements to join our Network. To become a member please visit our Membership page, where you can learn more about the benefits and download the application form.

Q- Where in Uganda does SSA: UHSNET work?

A – SSA: UHSNET is a national organization with members from across the country. Our offices are located in Kampala but our scope, through our members, reaches well outside of Central Region. We are always looking for new members in areas outside of Kampala to join. To see a list of our members, please visit our Membership Director page.

Q-How many staff are there at the Secretariat?

A- We are a team of 10 Staff at the secretariat. The Executive Director,Programs Officer, Finance and Admin Officer ,Communications and Documentation Office, Programs Assistant, Asst. Finance and Admin officer, Project Officer, 2 Project Assistant and Volunteer. We usually have interns from across the globe.

Q – When was SSA: UHSNET founded?

A- SSA: UHSNET was developed out of Shelter and Settlement Alternative which was founded in 1999. The Uganda Human Settlements Network began operation in 2009.

Q- How do I access you library and resources?

A – SSA:UHSNET has 2 libraries. In its offices in Ntinda, Ministers Village it has a resource center where members are free to access materials. Non-members also allowed to look at the materials while in the office. The second library is an electronic library or an e-library which you can access though our the homepage of our website or by clicking here. Here you can find up to date reports from around the sector on issues pertinent to the human settlements sector in Uganda, and beyond.

Q- How often do you publish your newsletter?

A- The newsletter is published semi-annually.